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PlayStation Home Closed Its Doors

Posted on April 1, 2015 at 7:40 AM

Just a quick reminder that PlayStation Home has closed its doors, as previous announcement from Sony.

The servers went offline yesterday morning on March 31.

Sony said it was closing the service due to a “shifting landscape” and from September through March 31, free content was offered as a token of gratitude. O’ Luanaigh the boss of UK-based studio nDreams, says Home was extremely profitable for a number of years thanks to its dedicated following of gamers.

"People say that Home was a commercial failure," O'Luanaigh says in a blog written for GamesIndustry. "But we generated seven-figure revenues for several years from Home, and other studios did as well. Try telling us that it wasn't successful."


Last year we almost had some kind of home when Neotopia Kickstarter went live. Neotopia, was going to be a virtual world project that has been announced by two PS Home devs, David Dow, Mark Jagger, founders of Madmunki and is not working with Sony. The only thing they have in common with Sony is a contract to put product on the PS4. But sadly to say that they did not meet their goal. There pledged was £250,000 but only had £48,570.

I'm sure that's not the last of Neotopia

PlayStation Home is now no longer available in all regions.


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